How to Ditch the Data Cycle and Create Content that Gets Remembered

When was the last time you turned to the internet to gather research for a project? Five minutes ago, right? It’s safe to say that most of the content you found was 80% similar to everything else. The reason for this is that data drove the creation of those assets – data that is dead (and always has been). Data conveys information, it doesn’t tell a story. That’s why we’re seeing a prolific amount of sub-par content online from creators who let data own their content strategy. This session will show you how to reset your expectations for data in a content strategy and create content your audience will remember you for.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what dead data is, when to use it, and when to ditch it
  • Learn from real and recent examples of content that beat the data cycle
  • Create a new culture of innovation that breaks the cycle of lackluster content and gets remembered