Keeping Up with Culture Without Losing Your Cool: A Beginner’s Guide to Real-Time Branded Content

In 2021, 70% of consumers expect brands to speak up about social and political issues. Participating & adding to culture as it plays out is a powerful tool for your brand to connect to your audience. However, in the world of 24-hour news cycles and the always-on consumer, culture moves really fast. In this session, Joe shares his experiences helping brands, large and small, move at the speed of culture and has created this 101 session to help marketers better understand the ins and outs of this emerging skillset: Building speed into your content plans; diagnosing the risks & rewards of entering the conversation; understanding the internet & meme culture; protecting yourself or your team’s mental health; communicating and educating leadership; and, preparing your brand’s voice and tone to be internet-ready. Even if your brand isn’t ready or lacks the agility to participate, these skills are useful for any modern marketer in quick ideation, trend identification, and the ability to tap into popular culture to give you an upper hand in any meeting or brainstorm.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Build a real-time response plan for your product or brand
  • Identify & diagnose the opportunity and risk of responding to cultural moments
  • Better protect yourself and your team from the hazards of an always-on mentality
  • Tap into popular culture to always be relevant and impactful in any meeting