Keynote: The Future of Email Newsletters: Next-Gen Newsletters for a Chaotic World

These are weird times to be in marketing, aren’t they? It’s business as usual at exactly ZERO companies. That’s true no matter what you do or what you sell. Everything is suddenly, confusingly different.

So, what’s the path forward? What do the current times mean for you, your business, your customers?

One path forward in this new world is a decidedly old-school tactic: The humble email newsletter!

It’s true: Email newsletters have made a massive comeback. Yet many brands struggle to differentiate. Their companies dismiss them as old-school. Un-sexy. And what they publish is a little… dull.

So the question here at Digital Summit is: Do your customers clear their schedules to read your newsletter?

For the past year, Ann Handley has been obsessed with elevating the profile of the humble newsletter. She’s thought a lot about what goes into a must-read email newsletter these days — and she’s studied the best of the best. Now Ann will share with you her best tips, ideas, and examples to help you create and write an email newsletter that gets real results in 2021 and beyond.

You’ll learn:

  • How we make email newsletters work more effectively for our company, brands, ourselves?
  • The best, data-backed approach to newsletter storytelling
  • An inside look at companies doing it right
  • How the smartest brands incorporate social media in email

…. And (BONUS!): Tips and ideas to inspire your best work

The email newsletter is your greatest showman. Or should be. Come to this fun, inspiring session to hear how to write one that gets fantastic results, and not squander the clear opportunity we all have!

Who’s in?