The Missing Customer: Implement Tech Solutions with Content Authors in Focus

To compete, organizations need to deliver an exceptional user experience. While digital assets are built and created by many people across the company, it is content authors that shape that user experience every day; they manage all company communications, and keep the content updated and the brand innovative. With their role so central to an organization, it is surprising that content authors often find themselves overlooked when new technologies are built — technologies that they will need to leverage on a daily basis.

While building solutions for government, higher education, and enterprise organizations, Pantheon and Last Call Media can attest to the importance of keeping one more stakeholder in focus when building a website or application – the content author. Technologists and content authors need to work together while shaping the right solutions with the ultimate goal in mind: helping your organization thrive.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Enable your content authors to work with confidence
  • Enable your organization and content authors to pivot quickly
  • Develop an understanding of what’s working within your user experience