Today’s Social Platforms: A Conversation on the Business and Societal Impact

The features of today’s social media platforms and how people engage on these channels are constantly changing. And in addition to keeping up with these trends, it’s worth knowing how these companies conduct business and make decisions that end up influencing brands’ social media strategies and shape society.

During this conversational interview, author of The End of Marketing and social media expert, Carlos Gil, will have a discussion with Sarah Frier, author of No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram and a senior technology reporter on social media companies at Bloomberg News, on the business and societal impact of today’s social platforms.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Get a behind the scenes look at how today’s social platforms make business decisions that influence society and our information ecosystem
  • Become more informed on how consumer behavior is changing on social media due to added features and competition
  • Understand how to evolve your social media strategies and tactics to better connect with audiences